Salient features

Interactive property websites / listing websites

intractiveNewplans has integrated various interactive technologies to help you focus on the key selling points of your listing by making them more interesting to your prospects. Using Newplans, you can offer an interactive experience to your prospects by creating hotspots on floor plans, pictures, site plans, or stacking plans. Using our system you can also link a hotspot to an image, add a note or attach a document, video or any web-link. We provide a library of icons to accurately represent content behind each hotspot.

Injecting the interactive element into your marketing material makes it more interesting and informative to the prospects, thus increasing the chances of lead conversion.

IP Tracking

IP-trackingNewplans's built-in IP tracking functionality goes a step beyond other analytical tools. While other systems only tell you where the lead came from, Newplans provides a detailed analysis of your web traffic--including tracking the name of the company that accessed your marketing material or your personal/company website---using the advanced IP tracking system.

Not just that, Newplans allows you to initiate live chat with the prospect viewing your listing. This will help you in motivating your prospect to make a buying decision in your favor!

Social media marketing

socialmediaBuild a strong brand and fan following on social media using Newplans's Facebook tab creation functionality. You can download custom Twitter backgrounds, Facebook timeline tabs and cover image that will help you promote your brand strongly on social media. The best part—it's easy-to-download and update, you'll need no skills to do it!

Content Syndication

cantantNewplans offers Social Media Content Syndication at the click of a button! That means you can publish your property websites, listing presentations, videos, brochures, print flyers, e-mail campaigns and other high-impact marketing materials, or their links, on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and classified sites like Craigslist, Oodle, Vast and many more. By publishing your marketing material on social media and classified sites, you are making it available to millions of prospects on the web.

Advanced reporting and analytics

advancedWhat works? What doesn't? Determining which marketing strategy yielded results is tricky. Failure to prove the efficacy of marketing campaigns endangers marketing budgets!

With Newplans, you'll have access to all the statistics necessary to evaluate the response and effectiveness of each marketing effort. Also, it's not just you who would be able to view the reports; the owner of the listing will also be able to view the analytical details and reports of your marketing efforts. This transparency will increase the trust factor between you and your clients.

High impact property website / listing website creation

high-impactNewplans makes it possible to create high-impact property websites in just a few minutes and includes an option to select from many unique designs, themes and background shades tailored to your marketing/branding needs. If you don't find one to suit your requirement, contact us to get a customized template designed to meet your corporate standards. You can also download the presentation on your computer for offline viewing-- just right for in-person tours. High impact property websites will allow you to stand out in the crowd and make an impact on your prospects.

Search engine optimized marketing materials (SEO)

SEOMarketing material generated using Newplans is optimized for search engines. Newplans allows you to add Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags that enable search engines to identify your marketing material on relevant web searches…and, you don't even have to know HTML to be able to do this.

iPad Compatibility

i-pad-ipad-compatibilityDid you know that over 39% of web browsers use a mobile device to connect and browse online? And did you know that more than 40% of marketers use an iPad to maximize their listing exposure? Mobile technologies are the latest trend in web browsing. Whether it's iPad, Android phones, or other tablets with Wi-Fi, one thing's for sure the future of browsing is tightly integrated with mobile technologies. Yet, 75% of interactive marketing materials are NOT iPad compatible! Marketing materials, be it property websites, flyers or emails created using Newplans, on the other hand, is iPad and smartphone compatible.

By allowing you to integrate your marketing strategy with mobile technologies, we make your listing available to your prospects on the move—that means more hits and increased chances of sale!

Multi-channel marketing

muilti-channelNewplans supports marketing material creation of different types. These include marketing materials for both digital and print purposes. You can create E-Flyers in PDF or e-Book format,Interactive Property Websites, Listing Presentations, E-mail campaigns, Virtual Tours and YouTube Videos and of course, the system generated links that can be used to publish your marketing materials online.

Listing Proposal Creation

simplicityCreating extensive proposals for your listing is easy with Newplans. Newplans's ready to use listing proposal outlines your marketing game plan and tools used to market your property listing effectively.

Simplicity and ease of use

simplicityA working knowledge of computers and the web is all that's needed to create high quality marketing materials using Newplans. With Newplans, you can create professional brochures, flyers, e-books, e-mail templates and even property websites in a matter of minutes, without straying from your branding standards.

Custom Templates

Get custom branded templates

Get custom templates designed to encompass all your marketing needs.

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