Next-generation real estate marketing automation solutions so you never have to worry about losing a deal ever again!

Closing a real estate deal successfully calls for staying in touch with prospects throughout the sales cycle and responding to their concerns and needs at the right time, in the right manner. But, what if you have no idea what your prospects are looking for? In a business like property marketing where being at the right place at the right time is important, having the right marketing tool can draw the line between success and failure. And…MindMatrix’s real estate marketing software, AMP is that tool

AMP’s smart sales lead prospecting tools that help you gauge prospect interest levels, their position in the sales cycle, and also allows you to stay connected with them throughout the process. Features include

  • A 360° view of your prospects, keeping you informed of their every move, every interaction with you. Know if they opened your e-mails, the property listings they viewed, the number of times they visited your webpage and more!
  • Personalized drip marketing tools that keep you in touch with your existing prospects automatically-even when you are focusing on getting new leads
  • A superior contact management feature that automatically segments your contacts dynamically, based on pre-set conditions stipulated by you
  • Smart lead scoring capabilities that assign points to your leads, in-real time, based on lead behavior and attributes…and then uses that data to assign them to the appropriate marketing program

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About MindMatrix:

For the past 14 years, MindMatrix, Inc. has focused on sales-marketing alignment for over 34,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide. Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next-Generation Marketing Automation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing. Our solutions bring about a seamless integration of the two key functions, helping our clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment in sales and marketing.

MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software - AMP brings about total sales-marketing alignment so you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly-aligned, tightly connected sales and marketing process. While most marketing automation solutions focus on marketing, AMP is the single marketing automation software that provides solutions for both marketing as well as sales.

Our product offerings for sales include on-demand sales materials creation, lead prospecting, and smart lead management. On the marketing front, our solutions cover demand generation, brand management, quality lead generation, lead nurturing, social media automation, lead scoring, and marketing materials creation across print and digital media.

MindMatrix also provides small business marketing automation solutions to help home business and small business owners maximize their marketing and sales effectiveness. We have over 1000 small businesses using our marketing tools to boost their success.