Commercial Real Estate Property Websites

Commercial Real Estate Brokers today need a marketing edge that will make them stand apart from competition. It’s more about ‘need’ rather than ‘trend’ to have an online marketing tool that will help in landing new clients for their commercial property for sale or lease. This is where commercial property websites can make a difference. Having a commercial property website for your commercial property for sale or lease will give it a unique marketing platform that displays all the selling points of the property.

And with Newplans, you no longer have to worry about designing or hosting your commercial property website. Newplans commercial real estate marketing automation tool makes it easy for you to create your own listing presentation for delivery over the web. You can easily display your commercial property for sale or lease listings and engage your potential clients with interactive floor plans, site plans, stacking plans, pictures, virtual tours and combine them with videos and photo galleries. All commercial property websites created in Newplans are Search Engine Optimized, to ensure that your listings rank well on search engines and brings in a steady flow of leads.

5 reasons why you should add property websites to your commercial real estate marketing.


To generate leads


Impress your client


Impress your buyers

More and more people are springing towards the web for information right from looking for a real estate broker to finding a property that fits their needs. To ensure that you’re pulling these prospects towards your commercial property listings, a property website is your best bet.

Show your clients why you’re best suited to handle their commercial property listings with your understanding of commercial property marketing. Create individual property websites in a few minutes and amaze them with your professional marketing techniques.

Imagine your pursuing a positive lead to sell your commercial real estate property listing to. But the buyer is too busy to come see your listing. Better than waiting around for your prospect to get back to you, simply send them your commercial property website link and let them experience the listing intimately.


Available 24*7


Inexpensive and easy to build

You are no super hero. Like others you need to eat, sleep and take care of other chores. But will your clients wait for you to be available? Definitely not! But if you have a commercial real estate property website, you can relax because your property website will be available to your prospects any time of the day or night.

Gone are the days when only developers could put together a professional looking website. With smart Commercial Real Estate Marketing Software, you can create your very own commercial property website in under a minute for under a dollar a day!

Newplans Commercial Real Estate Property Website Features